Monday 01/12/14

09:30-10:00  - Gathering in Givat Ram, Feldman Building - Institute for Advanced Studies, Room 128

10:00- 10:30  - Opening: Lotem Pinchover

10:30-12:00  -     First Session: Formation Stages
Chair: Bianca Kühnel

  • The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Poitiers (Galit Noga-Banai, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Holy Sepulchre? 11th and 12th century case studies reconsidered (Neta Bar-Yosef Bodner, PhD candidate, The Hebrew University of
  • Jerusalem)
  • The Schottenkirche in Eichstätt: reflections following the recent discovery of a ca. 1503 veduta of the city (Shimrit Shriki, PhD candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)    

13:00-18:00 - Excursion (workshop members only)

Tuesday 02/12/14

09:30-10:30 - Second Session: Political Dimensions
Chair: Hanna Vorholt

  • Westminster- the Plantagenet Jerusalem? (Laura Slater, University of York)
  • The Cultural Mechanism of Holiness-Transportation: The Cases of Romans-sur-Isère and Bétharram, France (Pnina Arad, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

10:30-11:30  - Exploring the Via Dolorosa: A Virtual Tour  (Netta Amir, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

11:30-17:00 - Excursion (workshop members only)

Wednesday 03/12/14

09:00-10:30 - Third Session: Landscape and Topography
Chair: Irina Chernetsky

  • Jerusalem Chapels in Late Medieval Holland (Claudia Jung,  PhD candidate, University of York)
  • The Way of the Cross and Architectural Multiplication in Baroque Czech Lands  (Tomáš Řepa, PhD candidate, Palacký University in Olomouc)
  • Through the Traveller’s Eye. A View of Jerusalem by Cornelis de Bruyn (1698) (Nele Nevo,  PhD candidate, Georg-August University Göttingen)

11:00-13:30 - A Visit at the Israel Museum (workshop members only)

15:00-17:00 - Round Table Discussion conducted by the chairs  (Conclusions and discussion on further joint research topics, workshop members only)

17:00 Farewell