Visual Ethnography: Tools, Archives and Research Methods International Conference LFVRN 2015

This international meeting will be a joint effort by the graduate students members of the association Last Focus Visual Research Network in partnership with the Sorbonne University of Paris, the Art & Media Doctoral School of Sorbonne Nouvelle University and the Research Group IRCAV.

This conference aims to cross-examine the use of (audio)visual techniques when doing research in Social Sciences. The use of these materials as an object of study or as an investigative tool is now an important part of the scientific production process. Which theoretical and methodological tools can we use in order to study social sciences within a "visual frame"? How are visual methods employed during research? What is the "status" of the "visual"/"visuality" in the different steps of an investigation? What is the role of these images in the research process?

Building a community of social sciences researchers interested in visual studies is a real challenge that requires a pluridisciplinary agenda. Our goal is to consolidate an international group of researchers and students who explore the uses of audiovisual methods in social research. This conference is, in our view, the opportunity to reinforce this community.