The International Conference for Biodigital Architecture & Genetics
(BIODIG 2020), organized every three years, and the International Conference on Advanced Research in Sustainable and Intelligent Manufacturing (RESIM 2020), organized every two years, are designed to be a major forum for the scientific exchange of multi-disciplinary and inter-organisational aspects of sustainable and intelligent manufacturing and related areas, as biodigital architecture & design. We will gather participants from all countries, strongly engaged in the development of natural and pioneering solutions to solve Society’s problems, contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable way of life.

BIODIG 2020 Conference Chair: Prof. Alberto T. Estévez
Conference secretary email: [email protected]

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Biodigital research, teaching and professional experiences
  • Nature’s geometry in architecture
  • Emerging design strategies
  • Generative algorithms, parametric and algorithmic design
  • Bionic design
  • Natural processes of formalization
  • Bio-learning methods in architecture
  • Topological and continuous architecture
  • Morphodinamic vs. morphogenetic strategies in architecture
  • Fusion of computation and genetics in design
  • New methods of biodigital production
  • Digital conception and fabrication / Robotics
  • Biodigital and genetic architecture visualization
  • Digital Organicism, art, architecture and design
  • AI for design and built environment
  • Additive Manufacturing and Construction
  • Big data and analytics in architecture 
  • Building Information Modeling
  • CAAD Education and teaching 
  • Design concepts and strategies
  • Digital design for sustainable buildings 
  • Game design technology
  • History and Future of CAAD
  • Internet of things in architecture
  • Interactive and responsive environments 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Smart Cities

RESIM 2020 Conference Chairs: Prof. Nuno Alves, Prof. Artur Mateus, Prof. Geoffrey Mitchell
Conference secretary email: [email protected]


Manufacturing for Secure Societies – Europe in a changing world

  • Innovative and inclusive societies
  • Reflective societies
  • Demographic change
  • Climate Change

Manufacturing for improved health and well-being 

  • Rehabilitation and ergonomic systems
  • Biomedical devices, prosthetic and orthosis
  • Biomanufacturing and Regenerative Medicine
  • Anthromorphic devices
  • Sustainable integrated user-centered care

Manufacturing with innovative sustainable materials

  • Smart materials
  • Resource efficiency and raw materials
  • Reintegrating waste materials

Manufacturing to enhance food, security and bioeconomy

  • Enhancing food security
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Manufacturing from forest
  • Manufacturing related to marine resources and bioeconomy
  • Circular economy

Intelligent manufacturing systems (Industry 4.0)

  • Standardization
  • Customization and personalization of manufacturing products, processes and systems
  • Flexible, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing systems
  • Cyber-physical production systems
  • Multi-physics models and simulation

Please, always, write to the two email addresses at once, simultaneously, and consign your preference to attend BIODIG or RESIM:
BIODIG 2020: [email protected]
RESIM 2020: [email protected]