STUDIO #17 COLLECTIVE is an architeural approach revealed in the 60s, created as an antidote to modernism in post-war reconstruction in Europe. It is a dream in the utopian architecture of the 70s and a dogma in post-colonialist efforts of the 80s but a common practice in the era of mass communication, breaking all cultural boundaries around the world.

COLLECTIVE is an elevation of everyday architecture, without frills and attention-seeking attitude.
COLLECTIVE derives from shared values for citizens and both professionals.
COLLECTIVE is an attitude that meets its objectives without pretentipusness.
COLLECTIVE is a process acquired from many ideas but from no one in particular.
COLLECTIVE is the city itself, created by the multitude of buildings, stratification of eras, artifacts and monuments.

STUDIO #17 COLLECTIVE wants to answer what are the COLLECTIVE best architectural parctices, for the present and the upcoming future? 
What are the COLLECTIVE practices that architects must pursue to create maningful architectures and urban environments?
What are the establishe COLLECTIVE strategies wich define COLLECTIVE values?

The call for papers defines the field of interest of an issue and produces a context in which to situate contributions.

ABSTRACT: September 30th 2019
PUBLICATION: November 2019
All submissions via e-mail: [email protected]