Inaugural conference of the University of Cambridge's Centre for Visual Culture

The conference aims to bring together colleagues across disciplines and professions to discuss the nature, role and future of reconstruction as a method and practice. It will consider different kinds of reconstruction, their potential and challenges, ranging from digital imaging to replicating recipes and techniques, from 3D printing to the recreation of period rooms. The event will be held in collaboration with the CVC’s partners, the V&A Research Institute (VARI) and the Bard Graduate Center. Confirmed participants include our keynote speaker, Prof. Sven Dupré (Utrecht), Dr Joanne Norman (V&A), Prof. Deborah Krohn (Bard Graduate Center), Dr Spike Bucklow, Dr Donal Cooper and Prof. Ulinka Rublack (Cambridge), and Ivan Day (food historian).

We invite proposals for contributions of 20- to 30-minute papers on any topic related to the theme. Presentations may, for example, offer a case study, a methodological statement, a reflection on or proposal for an exhibition/display. We also seek respondents, who would be interested in offering constructively critical responses to papers. We especially welcome contributions from colleagues in the university museums and conservation departments, as well as from graduate students working in the field.