Greha is a non-profit society for research on environmental development, habitat design and architecture, based out of Eco Options in Aya Nagar, New Delhi. With the belief in "urban renewal by citizens", we  have been working with a strong focus on the informal settlements of Delhi for the past two decades. Greha has also been an active role player in voicing a new paradigm for the learning of Architecture, by looking at history through an indigenous perspective, and by proposing alternate pedagogical methods. 

This May, Greha  is organizing a 3-day workshop  in collaboration with the Intach Heritage Academy  at INTACH, Delhi - called ‘Sense of History’ . The workshop explores the writing of history with an indigenous perspective. We shall evaluate concepts and tools towards the same, supported by an evidence based research of a public place set in the historic context of Mehrauli. 

The workshop will take place from 23-25 May 2016 at INTACH Heritage Academy, Delhi

The participation fee for the workshop is Rs 3000 /-

This is a preliminary workshop - which is a trailer to the 'Making History - Mehrauli Studio' ( which will now be held in winter. This would involve advisors from various disciplines coming together to take the idea forward. 

Greha strongly believes in architecture engaging with other disciplines. 

We invite professionals and students from various disciplines - history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, architecture, planning, design and other related disciplines - to participate in the workshop. 

Please get in touch with Nidhi Batra at [email protected] or Greha at grehadelhi at to register for the workshop, and for further details. We encourage you to also get in touch with us if you are interested in being part of the Greha community and be part of our future events and projects, even if you can not make it to this workshop. 

Come join us and be a part of Greha's venture to discover a more socially relevant architecture. 

Greha: A society for research on environmental development, habitat design and architecture.

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