This field seminar complements the research seminar presented by Livia Lupi, The Agency of Architectural Settings – Invention, Time and Place in Fra Angelico's Nicholas V Chapel , addressing mainly doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. The debate will focus on Lupi's studies on the role of architecture in the fresco cycle by Fra Angelico. An on-site analysis of the chapel, which is normally closed to the public, will offer an opportunity to better understand Fra Angelico's use of the space and the way he integrated his fictive architectural structures within it. It will also clarify the chapel's position within the papal apartments, opening discussion about accessibility and function. 

The Nicholas V Chapel, or Cappella Niccolina, in the Vatican Apostolic Palace was the private chapel of pope Nicholas V. Decorated between 1448 and 1450 with the lives of St Stephen and St Lawrence, Doctors of the Church and Evangelists, the chapel is the only surviving mural cycle executed by the Florentine Fra Angelico in Rome. As such, it represents an important case study for a better understanding not only of Fra Angelico's oeuvre, but also of papal patronage at a crucial time for the reinstatement of Rome as papal See and of ecclesiastic power within the city. 

Scientific Organization: Katharine Stahlbuhk and Livia Lupi