The evolution of representational methodologies in the visual arts as well as design education and practice has altered the means by which concepts are developed and presented. Advances in technology have facilitated novel approaches to representation that have influenced the design process and practice across a range of disciplines. The PPAD conference seeks submissions that explore a broad range of representational strategies, methods and media in contemporary art and design education and practice. The conference will consider the role that representation plays in reshaping and advancing ideas about graphic communication in both the academy and practice.

The conference organizers also invite full session proposals that include three to four papers topically related. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • The role of representation in design 
  • Integrating digital and analogue processes to support design communication 
  • Pedagogical approaches to representation and communication 
  • Teaching design communication at the beginning of the curriculum 
  • Design communication across disciplines 
  • Visual communication and representation across cultures 
  • Integrating image and text 
  • Visual communication across languages 
  • The roles of representation in Universal Design 
  • Relations between illustration and design 
  • Developing independence and growth through drawing 
  • Ways designers promote seeing 
  • Drawing convention and drawing invention 
  • Challenging the traditions of drawing and drawing instruction in design and art schools 
  • Drawing as rhetoric 
  • Digital images and the liberation of drawing in design curricula 
  • The end of drawing