AAS/ASA/ASAANZ 2017 Shifting States

Panel Title: Digital Anthropologies: Shifting Mediums, Shifting States

  • Panel Convenors: Dr Gretchen M Stolte, Dr Anna Edmundson

New methodological developments in Anthropology have often resulted in wider paradigm shifts for the discipline as a whole— from armchair anthropology to active fieldwork; from objective observation to critical self-reflection—each new approach has shifted the way anthropologists engage with the world.

This panel asks: What is digital anthropology and how is it transforming the discipline? What are the emerging case studies, methodologies and theories which reflect these new technological engagements? How is the post digital turn affecting the future – for both researchers and communities? How are shifting technologies creating or limiting community projects? How are Indigenous communities using new technologies and social media platforms to create their own sense of statehood? How are museums and cultural institutions using digitisation and new media projects to make archival and object collections more readily available to source communities.

This panel aims to explore these issues through a selection of papers that address the many themes within the conference and the digital humanities field. We are looking for Presentations:

  1. on approaches, theories and methodologies on digital tools as new forms of engagement;
  2. on case studies of how new media and/or new digital tools are being used to represent culture;
  3. on case studies of how cultural protocols are being exposed and/or protected in an open access/online world;
  4. on Indigenous policies surrounding art, artefacts and digital representation in the public sphere.
  5. on reconnecting collections and communities via digital media.
  6. considering the role of social media as a form of representation, a research tool, object of study and/or other uses.

Apologies but there are no funds for international or domestic travel.