In the new millennium, the politics, needs, priorities and planning itself are in constant change and obviously new challenges in terms of city planning are put forward. Today many cities are working to encourage populations to return to their urban core through the creation of revitalization efforts to distressed neighborhoods and old downtown centers. Industrial zones are moving, life styles are changing and growth and immigration in mega cities are still an issue. Given the importance of cities as significant social, political and economic centers, the rethinking of planning comes at a principal moment when urban policy must be able to plan for a sustainable future in relation to the individual needs of neighborhoods, individuals and established urban systems.

Global politics may have different effects on every city in different parts of the world but the questions remain the same: Was the planning of a city proved to be the correct transformation? Has the right method of planning and execution been applied ? What has been planned at different periods and what has happened in the end? How can the global criteria for city planning be defined for the future of the cities. And of course, how can planning thereby play a more significant role in inspiring and instructing the positive transformation of towns, cities, regions, and communities?

The conference will draw attention to present, past and future cities from all around the world to enable a comparative view. Rethinking planning seems necessary in a world where cities become places of commerce and economic opportunity toward a shared vision of how integrated systems can come together to create a shared sense of common future. From fundamental restructuring of the world’s economy to climate change, the challenges of planning have changed dramatically. These challenges are daunting but they provide unprecedented opportunities for planning to have global impacts like never before. Good planning has galvanized revolutionary and evolutionary change over the years, raising quality of life for all by proactively envisioning better futures and rallying resources to realize them.