Seminar organised by the Phd students, cycle XXXIV of the PhD Programme in Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies

(University of Padova, University Ca’Foscari, University of Verona)

The purpose of the conference is to explore the interactions between crised and infrastructures starting from a pivotal question: is it possibile to consider transitional processes as moments of "a transformazion that includes some essential elements of the previous phase?" (Pombeni 2013: 12) Or are they to be intended just as a dramatic interruptions and breaks? 

PhD Students, Post-Docs and Research Fellows of historical, geographical and anthropological training are invited to partecipate in the construction of a moment of dialogue and excange. The aim is to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion that will encompass all historiographical epochs, from antiquity to the present day, and question not only the role of infrastructure in the resolution of crises, but also the various implications of critical moments and of their conception.

Contributions in Italian, English and French will be accepted.

Those interested in submitting their proposal should send a PDF file to [email protected] by 20th January 2020specifying first name, surname, home university, position, working title of the intervention, abstract with a maximum lenght of 1500 characters (spaces included).