Open Ideas National Competition 2020/Season - II

Improving livability of Small Houses or Apartments being constructed in Indian Cities under PMAY and other Affordable Housing Projects, A competition for the Professional Designers andStudents of Design Faculties wanting to contribute ideas and suggest approaches for public housing agencies and private builders, who construct thousands of affordable houses or apartments in Indian cities, for the designs that ensure: 

  • More livable and usable space for the cramped, small houses for the resident families
  • Better social interaction and community life among them
  • Sustainable delivery of services like water, electricity and solid waste disposal, etc
  • Greater aesthetic sensitivity in buildings that shape the new urban landscape

These houses and buildings must get better and the architects and other designers have a role in this process.

This competition aims to:


Awareness among designers—especially architects, interior and furniture designers—about the challenges in designing small houses and low-cost housing projects and the market potential of this housing segment


Design students to the challenges, especially the needs and compulsions of the low-income clients and low-cost projects


Design solutions that improve “livability” of small houses for the low income- and often large- families that occupy them


The designers see and apply themselves to the psychological, sociological and cultural factors in house design, cluster design and site planning that emphasize the “people” aspect of the design engagement


Role of affordable housing in shaping the built form and physical landscape of the city- seeing it in the wider urban from context


Cost consciousness and sustainability principles in the affordable housing projects


Designers and planners about people/community centeredness and design appropriateness of slum redevelopment/rehabilitation