Unified Building Bye Laws-2016 was Notified by DDA vide S.O.1053(E), dated 5thApril, 2017. Clause no. 2.10 of the above defines the Law for Latent Defects Liability upon Architects/Structural Engineers/Site Supervisors/Site Engineers/ Mangers/Construction Company including Contractors/Sub-Contractors for any defects in all Buildings classified as High risk having Built up Areas more than 20,000 sq.mt.

This affected only the top part of our Profession.

However, the above stands amended from 28thFebruary, 2018 to include all Building types having Plot areas more than 750 sq.mt.

The Policy Makers are well aware of its long term implications and have issued an Advisory as a part of the law for the Professionals above and the Construction companies to takeProfessional Liability Insurance as a Safety cover against such liabilities.

Northern ChapterIIA has decided to deliberate on the subject in detail with specific respect to –

  1. Definition of Defects in Buildings.
  2. Defining Roles of the Professionals and Construction Companies to help define the Defect liability clearly.
  3. Available Insurance Covers in detail with the extent of protections provided

The Chapter also intends to create a Long term working group to deal with all the aspects being discussed above for taking the matters up with the Statutory Authorities for helping the Profession take lead position in the Building industry.

On the Occasion of World Architecture Day, Northern Chapter, The Indian Institute of Architects is hosting deliberations on the subject at New Committee Room, SPA, New Delhi at 5pm, 1st October, 2018.

We invite all Architects, including non IIA members to be part of this discussion.