In, 2019, the Le Corbusier Site celebrates light ! VIVA LA LUCE ! As part of the International Biennale Design Saint-Etienne.

Few buildings have resolved the challenge of interior lighting with more mastery than the church of Saint-Pierre in Firminy, Le Corbusier’s “newest”, a project which was conceived after the architect’s death but whose production then took several years, so many, in fact, that the completed church is now a 21st century building. With its lighting wells, its fascinating “sky map” and variations in intensity and colour depending on the season and time of day, Saint-Pierre in Firminy exemplifies, after prolonged research and bursts of instinct, the best constructive solutions derived from Christian antiquity and the Middle Ages.

It was therefore highly fitting to hold a captivating summertime exhibition on the church’s premises that once again pays homage to Firminy as a heritage site and that also focuses on of a pair of enlightened and trailblazing architects: working alongside the owner was the very independent and talented Charlotte Perriand – an early partner in the Le Corbusier & Jeanneret interior design firm. For both of them, the issue of lighting arose profoundly right from their earliest projects1 and all throughout their prolific careers.2

As part of the 11th International Biennale Design Saint-Étienne, come and discover  “La Luce, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand” .

This Nemo Lighting exhibition gathers an exceptional ensemble of lamps designed by these two great artists of the 20th century. Original lamps, copies, prototypes and drawings illustrate the international career of the architect and the designer. 

Conceived  by Nemo Lightind in collaboration with la Fondation Le Corbusier and Archives Charlotte Perriand. 

  • 1. Le Corbusier was only 19 years old when assumed the responsibility of designing the Villa Schwob in La-Chaux-de-Fonds; the lamppost that he created for the occasion was directly inspired by street lighting.
  • 2. source: Art Critique