Panel at RC 21 Delhi 2019 - In and Beyond the City: Emerging Ontologies, Persistent Challenges and Hopeful Futures

You are welcome to submit paper abstracts for the following panel, which is part of the RC21 Conference "In and Beyond the City: Emerging Onthologies, Persistent Challenges and Hopeful Futures" to be held in Delhi from 18-21 September, 2019.

The aim of the panel is to explore the role of large housing estates in cities around the world today. We invite papers that look both at the internal dynamics, including lived experiences in large housing estates, and at the role of the LHEs in the cities, the ways they shape and restructure urban inequalities, mobilities, and civic life.

Large Housing Estates (LHE) are an inevitable part of the modern urban landscape. Enabled by the development in construction technologies and social policies after the WWII, this housing form first has been seen a solution to a housing crisis, and later as a problem: LHEs were described as difficult to govern, prone to concentration and reproduction of poverty, and negatively affecting the life chances of those living there. Most of the research has been conducted in the countries of the Global North. Recently, the Eastern European LHE, “inherited” from the socialist past of these countries, are an emerging topic. Evidence from the countries in the Global South suggests that this urban form is truly global and developing; the estates around the world share some commonalities, but also differ due to cultural contexts, urban environments, and housing policies.

The panel welcomes contributions from all over the world to start mapping the different scenarios of LHEs and to show that their role in the contemporary urban world could not be reduced to some well-known dimensions of the city life, they usually put into, such as suburban, social housing, or problematic “heritage.”

Abstracts not exceeding 300 words should be sent to the panel organisers on the following emails: [email protected][email protected] with [email protected] cc'ed in. The email subject line should indicate the Panel Number (P16), Panel Name "Large housing estates: (re)structuring urban inequalities and civic life", and author's last name.
Submission Deadline: 20 January 2019. Please use this link for further information: