The ASA International Design Competition this year is dedicated to fresh ideas in sustainability – approaches so radical, unanticipated, and transformative they earn the epithet ‘uncanny’.    

‘Uncanny sustainability’ should open a route to the logical next steps in eco-friendly architecture : a built environment that is no longer human-centric but dedicated to the well-being of all living beings. Sustainable architecture has taken great strides in minimizing the consumption of energy and other resources, but great challenges remain and they demand bold responses.


  • Vital to capture the public imagination, igniting passion for re-conceiving homes and cities.
  • Essential to shift the paradigm from human- to world-centric thinking for the environment where man is in true harmony with the rest of nature.
  • Critical to find big ideas that accelerate change – accessible, holistic solutions with broad applications.

The challenge is therefore to present ideas that surprise and – like any ‘uncanny’ event – challenge our assumptions and widen our views of what is possible. The judges will reward entries that provide this shock of fresh possibilities, whether by their challenge to conventions, their transformative potential, or their capacity to inspire

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Each submission must include the following contents...

  • The participant can select any specific site as the context of their design. The subject can be architecture, urban design, interior design or system design.

  • After identifying the context, provide conceptual drawings, analytical drawings, sections, plans, renderings or perspective drawings in any scale. Demonstrate how the sustainability solution modifies the design approach and the resulting design outcome.