CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - IEEE Virtual Reality 2006 Workshop

Specification of Mixed Reality User Interfaces:

Approaches, Languages, Standardization



Research in the field of Mixed Reality (MR) has produced a wide variety
of interaction techniques for navigation in virtual worlds, selection
and manipulation of virtual objects, a range of different 3D widgets,
and real world enhancements in tangible user interfaces, among others.
Despite these efforts, the design and creation of MR applications
remains a complex task.

MR user interfaces are mostly described in an informal way, which leads
to incomplete specifications and missing information relevant for
selecting and reusing them.

This workshop is focusing on descriptive models for MR interaction
techniques and on classification approaches that may benefit the way MR
user interfaces are created. For that, peculiarities of interfaces in
application domains such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and
Desktop VR shall be examined first. We would like to analyze the design
space for mixed reality interface components in these fields and to set
up requirements for appropriate specification and description languages.
We would also like to discuss existing classifications for MR user
interface components allowing for a consistent and unambiguous interface
specification. It is an interesting issue to develop requirements and
characteristics of such languages, for example automatic processing and
tool support (e.g. for authoring). We would also like to discuss
community involvement (e.g. through Web portals) and possible roadmaps
for standardizing MR interface components, so more complex interfaces
could be built on top of previous work.



The workshop will be held on Saturday, MARCH 25, during the IEEE Virtual
Reality 2006 Conference in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

The workshop will consist of a half day highly interactive format that
will encourage group dialogue. After the introductory talks by the
workshop organizers accepted position statements will be presented and
discussed. The workshop is continued with group work on the workshop
topics and finished with a summary and conclusions for future steps.

All workshop material will be made available on the workshop homepage.

The URL of the Workshop is: http://www.3d-components.org/workshop



Submission Deadline: Wednesday FEBRUARY 1, 2006

E-Mail submission to: [email protected]

Participants are invited to submit a position statement (2 to 4 pages),
which will be reviewed by the organization committee. The position paper
must outline the submitters view on the workshop theme and reasons for
interest in the topic.



Raimund Dachselt, TU Dresden, Multimedia Technology Group, Germany
[email protected]

Pablo Figueroa, Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Columbia
[email protected]

Irma Lindt, Fraunhofer FIT Sankt Augustin, Germany
[email protected]

Please direct all questions and your submission to the workshop e-mail:

[email protected]

Find additional information at: http://www.3d-components.org/workshop