The deadline for the POSTGRADUATE CONSORTIUM is extended to:

           10 February 2007.


If you are a student, you can submit!

Guidelines: http://www.caadria-paper.org/submission-guide.html#consortium

Submit via this portal - http://www.caadria-paper.org/




The Consortium provides postgraduate students with an opportunity to
discuss their study with other students and researchers. The CAADRIA
Postgraduate Student Consortium and the Young CAADRIA Award continues
CAADRIA's commitment to support young researchers. The Consortium will
be held within special time slots during the conference. Students will
give a presentation providing an overview of their work and results to
date. Student participants will have their abstracts published in a
special CAADRIA Postgraduate Student Consortium Proceedings and a Poster
of their work exhibited at the main conference.


    1. Provide a supportive setting for feedback on students' current
research and guidance on future research directions.
    2. Offer each student comments and fresh perspectives on their work
from faculty and students outside their own institution.
    3. Promote the development of a supportive community of scholars and
a spirit of collaborative research.
    4. Contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other
researchers and conference events.
    5. To network with colleagues of similar background or interests.

Applying to the CAADRIA Postgraduate Student Consortium

Submissions are invited from current postgraduate students who would
benefit from detailed workshop discussions of their research by a panel
of established researchers. Applications should be made online and
should consist of:

    1. an extended abstract (see below)
    2. a one-page curriculum vitae

Extended Abstract

Submit a two-page extended abstract of your thesis work, including:
title, author information, abstract, keywords, thesis research summary,
and references. This extended abstract, if accepted for the Consortium,
will be published in the CAADRIA Postgraduate Student Consortium
Proceedings. Thus it will be widely available to conference delegates
and those with access to CAADRIA publications. The extended abstract
should clearly specify:

    1. problem(s) that the research is addressing
    2. research question(s) you are trying to answer
    3. expected contribution(s)
    4. proposed solution(s) and methodology
    5. current status, and of a tentative plan for future work.

Review Criteria

    1. Originality of the work with respect to current concepts and
    2. Importance of the work with respect to fundamental issues and themes
    3. Rigor and validity of claims, argumentation, methodology,
results, and interpretations
    4. Clarity and persuasiveness of expression.

Participants in the consortium will be selected by the CAADRIA
Postgraduate Student Consortium Committee. Due to the nature of the
consortium, submissions from students in the beginning and middle of
their dissertation process will be weighed more favorably than those
finishing up.




Paper Selection Committee, CAADRIA 2007


Marc Aurel SCHNABEL, University of Sydney

Tom KVAN, University of Melbourne

Mao-Lin CHIU, National Cheng-Kung University

Jiancheng LI, South China University of Technology


[email protected]