Call for Papers:


International Journal of Architectural Computing
Published by Multiscience, UK
Volume 7, Issue 3, 2009
ISSN 1478-0771

Issue Editor:
Branko Kolarevic <[email protected]>
University of Calgary, Canada

Terms such as "integrated practice" and "integrated design" have emerged

over the past several years as relatively new paradigms in a number of
design and design-related professions, most recently in architecture.
What is usually meant by these terms is a multidisciplinary,
collaborative approach to design in which various stakeholders - for
example, architects, engineers, contractors, and fabricators in the
context of building industry - participate jointly from the earliest
stages of design, fluidly crossing the conventional disciplinary and
professional boundaries to deliver an innovative product at the end.

Two different trajectories are often pursued: the horizontal one that
integrates different disciplines across the same scale, and the vertical

one that integrates similar disciplines across different scales. In the
context of building design, a horizontal strategy would mean the
integration of architecture, engineering, and construction, and a
vertical one would mean the integration of industrial design,
architecture, and urban design, for example. (Other, cross-axial
combinations are also possible.)

This issue of the IJAC journal will pursue an alternative vision of
integrated design, which is more open, fluid, pliable, and opportunistic

in its search of collaborative alliances and agendas. This alternative
approach is referred to as INTEGRATIVE DESIGN in which methods,
processes, techniques, and technologies are discovered, appropriated,
adapted, and altered from "elsewhere."

In this attempt to engage design as a broadly integrative endeavor, you
are invited to submit papers that employ concepts, processes,
techniques, and technologies from other domains such as biology,
computer science, engineering, material science, medicine, etc. to
discover and create something (a process, technique, product) that is
qualitatively new. We are seeking innovative examples from research,
education, or practice that illustrate the current integrative,
computational approaches to design that originate in other domains.

Authors are invited to submit complete and original articles, which have

not been published elsewhere and are not currently under consideration
for another journal or conference. The submissions should be in one of
these categories:

(1) Full-length papers (3000 - 5000 words, maximum length 6000 words)
reporting original research.

(2) State-of-the-art reviews, which will be either perspective tutorial
articles in rapidly evolving fields or comprehensive scholarly reviews
of significant topics.

(3) Short papers (1500 - 2000 words) presenting original research in
concise form.


In order to facilitate the review process, authors are required to
submit their paper by uploading to the IJAC review system. Before
submitting, authors should make sure that papers conform to the IJAC
template and guidelines, which can be downloaded at:

The papers must be submitted in either Adobe PDF format (.pdf) or as a
Word 97-2003 document (.doc). Please avoid using the more recent Word
2007 file format (.docx). The filename should be no longer than 8
characters (plus file extension). The file must not be larger than 5MB
in size. Please use low resolution (72ppi) JPEG images for the online
review. Higher resolution (300ppi) JPEG should be used for the final

Properly formatted files should be uploaded at the following location,
after completing all of the information on the page:

Authors should also notify by email the Issue Editor
<[email protected]> that a paper was uploaded to the online
review system.


Submission Deadline: .......... 1 Apr 2009
Notification of Acceptance: ... 1 May 2009
Re-submittal Deadline: ........ 1 Jun 2009
Submittal to IJAC: ............ 15 Jun 2009
Publication Date: ............. August 2009


The International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) is a
peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting collaborative research and
development of computer-aided architectural design. IJAC is committed to

deepening the understanding of the foundations of digital systems for
architectural design and the technologies enabling their development and


IJAC is published four times a year by MultiScience in both electronic
and hardcopy. Successively, one issue each year is supervised by
Editorial Board members from its four founding organizations: Education
and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe),
the Association of Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA),
Sociedad Iberoamericana de Grafica Digital (SIGraDi), and Computer Aided

Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA). Work is coordinated by
Andre Brown ([email protected]), the Editor in Chief.


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