2012 SimAUD Call for Submissions


We are pleased to announce the third year of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) at the 2012 Spring Simulation Conference (SpringSim'12) in Orlando, FL, USA from March 26-30, 2012.

Researchers in simulation, architecture, urban design and planning, HCI, ubicomp, information visualization, as well as engineers, software developers, managers, educators, and business professionals who develop or use modeling, simulation, visualization, validation, or interaction techniques or tools related to the built environment are invited to participate and present original papers, data sets, and videos.

All submissions are peer-reviewed and considered for selection by the Committee. All accepted submissions will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

The conference is run in collaboration with ACM/SIGSIM and is sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International.

*Note that ACM was founded in 1947 as the world's first scientific and educational computing society. As of 2009 its membership is more than 92,000.

Areas of Interest

SimAUD topics include, but are not limited to:

- Whole System Simulation and Analysis
- Post Occupancy Performance Evaluation
- Building Comfort and Energy Performance
- Design Tools and Methods
- Materials, Components and Innovative Systems
- Multi Disciplinary Optimization
- Simulation Performance and Scalability
- Design and Decision Support
- Energy Performance Simulation and Analysis
- Intelligent Building & Building Lifecycle Management
- Sensor Network and Building Performance Monitoring
- Visualization of Simulation-based Data
- Theory and History of Environmental Simulation and Controls

Submissions Types

Research works can be submitted in several categories:

- Papers & Notes
- Data Sets (With Note)
- Video Showcase (with Extended Abstract)
- Work-in-Progress
- Lingua Franca: Invited Papers, Data Sets, and Videos

Important Dates

Abstracts Deadline: November 18, 2011

The Abstract submission should be a short paragraph describing the topics to be covered in the full submission (to be submitted one week later). The Abstracts will NOT be reviewed and are simply to help the Committee to begin to recruit the number of reviewers needed in the appropriate sub-disciplines.

Submission Deadline: November 25, 2011

This is the date when papers (archival format, 8 pages maximum for full papers, 4 pages maximum for short papers), data sets, and videos must be submitted. At least 3 reviewers will be assigned to each submission. The review process will be double-blind.

Acceptance Notification: TBD

Authors will receive their peer-review feedback and acceptance decision by this date. Accepted and conditionally accepted works will then have a short period of time to integrate reviewer feedback before submitting the final Camera-ready deadline.

Camera-ready Due: TBD

At this date, final submissions of accepted works are due.

Conference Presentations: March 26-30, 2012

Authors will present their works at the venue in Florida, FL, USA during the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design.

Please see the 2012 SimAUD web site for detailed information about submission types.


Members of the 2012 SimAUD Committee

Lira Nikolovska, Chair
Ramtin Attar, Co-chair
Azam Khan, Head of the Environment & Ergonomics Research Group at Autodesk Research and SimAUD founder (SimAUD advisory board)
Robert Aish, Director of Software Development at Autodesk
Marilyne Andersen, Associate Professor of Sustainable Construction Technologies at the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering at EPFL, Lausanne
Michael Glueck, Software Development Engineer at Autodesk Research (SimAUD web site and publication layout)
Sean Hanna, Academic Fellow at University College London
Neil Katz, Associate at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Ian Keogh, Senior Technical Designer, Burro Happold Consulting Engineers
Judit Kimpian, Head of Sustainability and Advanced Modeling at Aedas
Terry W. Knight, Professor of Computation at MIT School of Architecture and Planning
Liam O’Brien, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering at Carleton University
Christoph Reinhart, Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (SimAUD advisory board)
Jenny Sabin, Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Smart Geometry
Gabriel Wainer, Associate Professor at Carleton University and General Chair of the Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'12) (SimAUD advisory board)